Price list

Piece production of parts is relatively time consuming, the prices of jigs, time in creating drawing documentation, the cost of travel to subcontractors, etc. do not dissolve into tens or hundreds of parts, but remain on the shoulders of the piece produced. Thus, prices cannot be compared with the amounts of mass-produced parts.

The price of one hour of work is 500 CZK without VAT. In principle, it does not exceed the cost of labor of ordinary garages or productions of a significantly lower level of craftsmanship. For an approximate idea, the approximate time required for the production of the first and then each subsequent part is given for some of the parts.

Delivery dates 

Delivery of the order depends on mutual agreement and customer priorities. Ideally, production runs smoothly and at ease with sufficient inter-operational times so that we do not go to the foundry for a single part. But if time is the main factor for the customer, we will be happy to adapt.